Provide safer health assessments

by replacing the central test point at your front door with at home testing


Maximize distance

Verify temperature and screenings at home, not on-site

Increase accuracy

Reduce inaccuracies caused by changes in ambient temperatures

Scale efficiently

Eliminate expensive equipment costs that don’t scale with your needs

How it works

Invite users to report their health screening results to your organization through the keee Health applications, then …

Temperature is taken from home

User takes their temperature with a keee Bluetooth thermometer or enters their temperature manually

Health assesment is completed at home

User selects from a series of symptoms and answers simple yes or no questions recommended by the CDC

User receives clear instructions

User is instructed to proceed in or remain at home based upon their temperature and answers to the assessment questions

Organization receives access information

Non-sensitive approved/not approved events are provided to the organization to determine access